Rotating Skyscraper

In my other weblog,, I published there the top 5 of the worlds tallest skyscrapers (or you can follow this link for that post) excluding Burj Dubai simply because it is yet to be completed and occupied in 2009.

And now, it looks like Dubai will be in the limelight again (at least in this post:-) ) as it is aggressively building mega structures. Dubai is really pushing the architectural boundaries for many more years to come and nothing demonstrates this more than the Rotating Skyscrapers.

These self-sufficient and energy generating buildings will get their power from wind turbines that are placed between floors and which rotate freely with the wind. Additional power is provided from solar cells on the tops of the individual floors.

Each individual floor is able to rotate slowly, based on commands issued by the owners of apartments on that floor.

The building is constructed around a central core; each floor is composed of individual pie-like sections that are pre-built and hoisted up the central core.It is claimed that rotating skyscrapers can be constructed by just ninety people on site. Impressive when there could be up to 2,000 workers on a typical skyscraper construction site. The 68-story “combination hotel, apartment, and office” would sport floors that each rotate 360-degrees in the span of about 90 minutes, creating a “constantly changing architectural form.”

The construction was started last May 2007 and others are planned in some of the major cities around the world. Nick Cooper, the British Engineer working on the project is probably best known for designing the drilling machine that bored the Channel Tunnel.

Estate Agents should have no problem selling these as it puts a whole new meaning to ‘panoramic views’….

Original source of the content above: Rotating Skyscraper


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